Sponsored Ad Blocker

Sponsored Ad Blocker

Block sponsored ads from your internet browsing


  • Free
  • No configuration needed
  • Enable and disable individual sites


  • Only works with Firefox
  • Doesn't always work

Not bad

Sponsored Ad Blocker is a free application to help get rid of sponsored ads from websites, making your browsing experience a more comfortable one.

At least that's the theory. In practice, Sponsored Ad Blocker is a somewhat inflexible program with limited impact. Although it acts on your web browser, the application is modified and accessed from the task bar. You can enable and disable it, as well as enabling or disabling blocking on a large selection of websites.

Unfortunately, you can't add websites to this list which isn't comprehensive, so if your usual websites aren't on it, it's pretty limited. In addition, Sponsored Ad Blocker only worked with Firefox during our tests.

Adding this to the fact that there are no other customization options for Sponsored Ad Blocker, and that it sometimes blocks non-ad elements on websites, it's an application that we'd be slow to recommend.

Although Sponsored Ad Blocker isn't terrible, it's an inflexible program that lacks customization options and we'd be slow to recommend it.

Sponsored Ad Blocker


Sponsored Ad Blocker

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